Julian Pentz

  • Position: Fiddle & Vocals

After studying the Viola in the classical tradition at what is now known as The Birmingham Conservatoire in the mid 80’s, Julian came to the “crossroads” (Milton Keynes) and decided to venture down the Indie Rock road. The antidote to his strict classical training was the band Monster(s) in the Closet which was part of an extremely vibrant Milton Keynes music scene based around the club “The Counterpoint”. The musical style of this band was to heat up reggae, indie, dub, classical bombast, swampy metallic rock, and space rock and splurge it all over the audience  The band burned brightly from 1989-1992 gaining a massive local following but dissolved into legend in 1992. Julian also worked at the time with the New Mutants, spoof C & W band “Dexter Thighs” and Cloudspell (with Pete Jelfs) as well as jamming at some awesome raves (aaahhh the early 90’s) at various locations. Other time was spent mixing crazy eclectic music before it became fashionable with alternative radio DJ collective known as “The Back of The Bucket”

Julian was asked by Ian Rowe to join Togmor in the summer of 1995 replacing Johnny Ginn on the “fiddle” and has been enjoying its various incarnations ever since. He has been working in the Milton Keynes area as a violin teacher/performing musician since 1988 and has also developed skills as an orchestral conductor taking the MKMS String Orchestra to the Royal Festival Hall (twice), The Royal Albert Hall and also to Togfest since the year 2000. As a lover of “All Music” and firmly believing in traversing musical idioms Julian has been playing regularly with Orchestras such as the Bedford Sinfonia, Milton Keynes Sinfonia, and Arco Strings and also likes playing String Quartets. More recent collaborations have been with musicians and singers Uche Eke, Greg Cave and alternative festival musicians Laurence George and Stevie B. 

Finally Jules can sometimes be found moonlighting in the cut down version of Togmor known as “Togmor Lite” usually featuring Gareth Warren and Ian Rowe, available to those venues that take a walk on the mellow side. 

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