Purely as a matter of interest... this page contains details of some of the history of Togmor.

Togmor was formed in 1988 by Guitarist and Singer, Ian Rowe after drummer and long time friend Gavin Bunker persuaded Ian to start something folky but with drums (Gavin was a drummer and fan of Fairport Convention drummer, Dave Mattocks). The band was formed with John Gibbons on electric guitar, Kevin Cranfield on bass and Jonathan Ginn on Fiddle duty.

The name was the next challenge and again Gavin came to the rescue. Gav had been reading about a huge lifting crane that is used for industrial duties in the north sea and was used to raise the wreck of the Mary Rose from the sea bed. The name of the crane was 'Tog-mor'. This name seemed quite 'rootsy' and yet short enough to be a rock band.

Togmor was christened.

The very first gig was played about 4 weeks after formation in an Irish pub in Bedford called the Kent Arms. The lads played a supporting set for a Bedford based rock band (name forgotten - Sorry !) who asked Togmor to help out since there was not enough material for a full 2 hours.

The 40 minute Togmor set went down an absolute storm much to the surprise of all band members and a repeat booking was made there and then.

Since that time there have been one or two line up changes, Ian Rowe now being the only original member.

The rest, as they say, is History!

We appreciate all the effort, hard work and creativity of all of the Togs over the years, namely:

Kevin Cranfield, Gavin Bunker, John Gibbons, Jonathan Ginn, Alick Lickorish, Julian Williams, Peter Grove, Martin Wright, Peter Hemsley, Chris Davy, Gareth Warren, Gareth Cirkit, Sarah Malleson and Julian Pentz.

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