Band Line-up...
Position: Electric Violin and Electric Guitar.

With two Ryan’s in Togmor, calling one Fitz helped avoid much confusion. Like his namesake Ryan, Fitz joined Togmor at the start of 2019. It was Euan’s suggestion that we audition Fitz and having to choose between the two Ryan’s was impossible so we decided to keep both. There could be one, two or all three violins playing with harmonies galore and arrangements that almost sound orchestral in places. Fitz’s style of violin complements that of Euan & Ryan and often has a rocky flavour. His background has been with more rocky and indie bands before joining Togmor and he has helped give the band a more contemporary feel. After being invited to play violin with Togmor, Fitz then said he also played guitar. His electric guitar playing is quite something to hear and he can often be heard doubling the melody with Euan’s violin, sometimes at breakneck speed!

Position: Electric Violin and Electric Guitar.

Euan’s background in traditional Scottish folk and ceilidh music has given Togmor its very own Celtic flavour and an authenticity to the instrumental numbers and the band’s arrangements. Hailing from Inverness, he has grown up living & breathing violin, becoming a stalwart of the Scottish ceilidh scene before moving to Manchester to study at The Royal Northern College of Music. After graduating and moving to Milton Keynes Euan found himself co-opted into Togmor to “help out” and has now become the lead instrumentalist and an essential part of the band’s sound. Euan also plays electric guitar on some tunes, often swapping to violin midway through the arrangement. His electric guitar style perfectly complements the melodic side of Togmor and gives him the opportunity for some very expressive improvisation as well as delivering arranged or “set” melodies. One of his latest challenges has been to notate the keyboard solo from the 9/8 section of Genesis’s iconic “Supper’s Ready” to be played on the violin!…it may well join the set…you never know. Watch this space!

Position: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Pete is the rock solid anchor of the band, providing the bass sounds on his custom 5 string instrument. Originating from Birmingham’s music scene, Pete moved to Milton Keynes in the 90s playing with “Some Weird Sin” & MK folk heroes “Out Of The Wood” before joining Togmor. He is involved in a number of other MK based bands including “Soulfever” who specialise in 60s & 70s classic funk & soul hits. Not only does he play bass with Togmor but he adds backing vocals, harmonising with the best of them. Pete is actively involved with the tech side of the band introducing remote digital mixing using iPads & laptop into the PA system.

Position: Drums, Percussion, Flute and Vocals.

Pete Lockwood plays drums & flute as well as contributing backing vocal harmonies with Togmor. His drumming style is very much in tune with and sympathetic to Togmor’s ethos and musical arrangements. He joined Togmor as their drummer in 2014 having asked several times to join when a previous drummer had left. The band have since said that they didn’t realise he played drums, having only seen him playing keys & sax with Stony Stratford’s Cock & Bull Band. Pete began playing drums in bands whilst at school, eventually forming Milton Keynes’ first prog band Avalon, whose chief claim is being one of only a few Milton Keynes’ bands to play the famous rock venue Friars in Aylesbury. In the 70’s he formed the rock band Scratch, managed by the amplification guru Terry Marshall, also becoming the backing band and support act for Aylesbury’s very own John Otway on his ’77 Really Free Tour, once again playing Friars and many other venues. During the 80s he played with various MK based bands before changing course musically & experimenting with synths and music technology eventually performing solo with backing tracks as a sort of “prog Howard Jones”. This solo act led to Pete being invited to join The Cock & Bull Band turning it from a folksy melodeon-led band into a high energy ceilidh outfit using drum samples & grooves as well as synth loops & keyboards. Having recorded a number of vinyl & CD albums with various band over many decades of studio experience, Pete was very happy to play drums, flute & percussion on Togmor’s third studio album, as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. The following year he recorded his own solo CD “Cock & Bull Re-imagined”, with the help of his guitarist brother Dave, to celebrate Cock & Bull’s 40th anniversary. Returning to kit drumming with Togmor has been a great experience for Pete & he has helped give the band an even greater momentum. Pete runs the band’s Facebook page as well as his own page and you can read more about him on his website

Position: Electric Violin and backing vocal harmonies.

Apart from Wishbone Ash, there are few bands that have members with the same surname but are not related. Togmor are one of those rare bands with two members named Lockwood! Ryan joined at the start on 2019 following the departure of long serving member Julian Pentz. It was Julian’s suggestion that we audition Ryan and from the very first rehearsal he proved to be an excellent choice. With a background in orchestral playing but also jazzy bluegrass style fiddle playing he has taken over much of the improvised solo violin features. When Ryan joined, we didn’t realise what a great singer he is and his vocal harmonies have taken the band’s many songs to another level. Ryan also plays with bluegrass & country band The 3rd & Lindsley sometimes even sharing the gig with Togmor.

Position: Vocals and Guitar.

Ian formed Togmor in 1988 in a confused, bungled, by chance situation caused by 'doing a mate a favour' (see Archive information) having also lead a prog rock outfit 'Pipedream' to fame and fortune in the mid eighties (poetic licence utilised). Having realised that his roots lay firmly in the Celtic tradition but somehow unable to reject his prog rock tendencies, Togmor seemed an easy choice giving the opportunity to deliver a 'stadium rock folk band'! Ian has now pretty much ditched the all electric instruments preferring the feel of real wood and enjoys integrating the acoustic guitar with a rock and roll rhythm section.

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